Hetalia snapped america fanfiction

But don't think any less of me when I'm done. It had to be done!

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Warning- Violence and foul language! I don't usually stuff with violence or swearing. I swear, I sat at my computer deleting and retyping a few times because I was so uncomfortable with it, but I slowly got over it. I'll say it now, if there wa rating, I'd use it.

The content isn't anywhere near bad enough for M of course, and I'm probably overreacting, but… Oh well. You've been warned. France's eye twitched. France was referring to the colonies and territories that had gained independence from him. Russia's smile faltered for an instant, and he stood up and smiled menacingly over at America. Better watch what you say if you don't want trouble. Right Latvia? Latvia whimpered and tried to inch away from the Russian, who was too preoccupied with staring down America to worry about where Latvia was going.

I don't care if you have problems with each other, this meeting will stay professional if it kills me. Got it? You can't tell me to be professional. You northern bastards can have it all, I don't care. Someone was looking around at the nations, silently watching their arguments, preparing to say the sentence he was piecing together.

The nation sat, looking around. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to say something, then closed his mouth again.

He had to word what he was going to say perfectly. My house is actually up there. After all, one day, the whole world will become one with me, da?It was just like any other World Conference, if you could even call it that.

Why the World Conferences even continued was a mystery to Alfred, it was just an excuse for all the countries to fight with each other, and blame each other for all the world's current problems.

No one took anything said there seriously, anyway. It was just a chance to make everybody as miserable as possible, and maybe get into a few bitch-fights. As it was, this one was no exception, with the usual insults directed at America: ignorant, oblivious, dim, daft, moron, idiot, brainless git, burger-loving freak, hero-obsessed jerk, arrogant jerk, fatass, and a fucking hamburger bastard.

There were also the usual cracks about his 'obese, loud, stupid, arrogant, cocky, vain, in-debt' country. Not so plainly, though. Oh no, definitely no so clearly written; sugarcoated, sarcastic, or woven into snide comments that they thought he was too stupid to get. In fact, everyone at the meeting was making more and more blatantly obvious remarks; America wouldn't show that he understood, though. To openly acknowledge the less-and-less teasing remarks becoming more-and-more hurtful remarks would be like admitting defeat, and that was something America hated to do.

So he didn't. They weren't even good insults. Well, maybe they once had been, but he was far to used to them to be stunned into silence as he once had been.

Instead of numbing him, they stung; each one worse than the preceding insult. Soon, he was blinking back tears at even the simplest of insults. His stupid, childish, unrealistic, immature idea, as the peanut gallery let him know. This was cause enough to pause his usual train of thoughts, as he drove home from the meeting, and instead linger and reflect back on those insults and his feelings. As the thinks back on the ever-growing list of insults, a thought strikes him.

An irrevocable and obviously undeniable statement: they saw something wrong about him, and they were trying to fix him, to make him better. But he thought there was nothing wrong with him.

Either he or they were in the wrong. It's obviously not them. No, it's both implausible and improbable to think that everyone but him is in the wrong. He was stupid. Is stupid. He is an airhead. He is lazy. A moron. A brainless git. A freak.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What happens when an Arthur who lives in a world of fantasy, full of magic and alchemy and the mystic, finds himself switching places with "England" Arthur?

What at first seems to be a strange, almost fun, shift in the universes quickly turns into a battle to return home before the magic ends. To suddenly be wrapped up in your girlfriend's deepest and darkest secret would turn most people away, the again, Lee isn't most people. After all, everyone has a secret, what's yours? U-h I think we should continue on the same path!

All he has to do is get through today, and it hurts. He feels his phone buzz at his side and hopes with all of his sanity that this could be his saving grace. Their lives are centered around sibling rivalries and petty conflict, but when Iowa dresses like his father and accidentally ends up at a g8 meeting everything changes. And nobody is spared.

hetalia snapped america fanfiction

Sensory overloads are a bitch. Sometimes all it takes is a drawing of a dog on your school notes by the cute guy you sit next to in class to make everything better. In an alternate future, a so-called international epidemic forces the nations of the world to shut their doors and enter individual states of isolation.

Gracie Jo, Alabama, answers the door, seeing the postman with a small, familiar letter box. The 'Hell on Earth' Task Agency is a project run by the Underworld offices in hopes of integrating localised haunting and corruption on earth by assigning Demons a human identity in order to get closer to their victims- err Alfred and his brother had been assigned to this new department of hell after a small disagreement with his higher-ups.

Now tasked with pushing a Japanese businessman to screw over a major tech company and overall commit a huge betrayal to the human's friend, Alfred discovered humans are more complex than just souls ready to commit sins. As the dawn of a new apocalypse rises, fourteen nations must battle their way to survival against the odds. The question is, who will be the last to fall? I am sorry for the inconvenience; more will be explained in the notes of the chapters, thank you!

Matthew and France or Canada perhaps? Every living creature on Earth has their own backstory. Some may be more interesting than others. Some may be cruel to the individual in question, while other backstories provide them with easy, simple and peaceful lives before their debut into the world. But no matter what that backstory may be, it always shapes who that person will become later on in the future.

Alfred F. Jones, born to personify what is now the United States of America, is no exception to this rule. He is a well-known revolutionary, though he had not always been that way. Of course, that is because revolutionaries are borne from their own backstories, and a backstory he certainly has.

But the most important one to him by far was and always will be his very first love; Arthur Kirkland, personification of England and champion of charters. Francis est parti de nuit, sans avertir personne, pour rencontrer Arthur. Most nights he had to cook for a small army because of this.

There were certain ways that he dealt with America and Russia. I like you because you could make me smile. I fell in love with you because you made me want to be a better person.

Now that you're leaving me, What am I supposed to do? It was at a world meetingwhen suddenlyEngland remembers things he thought he forgot about.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Russia has had enough of America poking into his business, China sasses England and Japan, and Canada Alternatively, a comfort fic for my favorite characters. Excluding Prussia. I don't know how to insert him.

Prussia left after his dissolution and hasn't been seen since. Canada storms out of the World Meeting after being ignored once too often, disappearing without trace and only then do people notice him by his absence.

Meanwhile, an injured man turns up on an albino man's doorstep. If you want a drabble, send in an ask on Tumblr somestorywriter. Matthew was on a journey to know the truth behind the Cold War. Everyone had told him stories about the bad man- Russia. Even America went to great lengths to paint and dirty Russia's image in red.

But Matthew was not too sure, so he left to find the truth. Enter Russia a misunderstood country trying to make things right. If he can prove it to Canada it would be a miracle. Canada decides that he's going to kill his brother After all, no matter how much he wants to hate the idiot, he just can't bring himself to do so. Matthew is a sixteen year old mess. Maybe that's why this is happening to him. Alfred is sick and tired of his druggie brother pulling their family through hellH e was watching.

Always watching. His blue eyes were like the sky just before a storm. Dark and scary. The soles of his black combat boots were caked with blood. It was as if he trudged through a field of lifeless corpses. Perhaps he had, nobody knew anymore. The meeting room was still and quiet. Nations sat like statues. Tension was so thick, one could have taken a knife and cut through the air. Fear was present in the room. He could feel it.

He could smell it. He fed off of it.

hetalia snapped america fanfiction

The smirk on his face widened, his eyes gaining a psychotic glint. Not a single Nation dared to look at him. They stared straight ahead, looking into nothing. They didn't want to look at him. They were too scared to look at him. Repeat your… lecture one more time.

The island Nation gulped, sweating beading his forehead as his former brother drew closer to him. I thought you were a gentlemen. America's eyes darkened in annoyance. He lost his smirk and was now glaring down at England. His voice had grown deeper and calmer, intensifying the horror of his wrath. Still no response. A growl echoed in the room.

All nations flinched at the sound of their comrade getting smacked, but no one moved to help him. Footsteps began making their way to entrance of the room and a door had slammed. America had left. Slowly, the tension dissolved but no one spoke aloud.Sum: Collection of one shots were a chose country snaps.

Extreme out of character-ness! Favorite countries losing it! Occasional human names, and minor shipping. Canada was on his way to the G8 meeting while listening to the radio when a certain song came on, Welcome to my life.

Canada had mixed feelings about the song, he could relate to it but that was the very reason he didn't like it. It reminded him of all the times the others had either forgotten him or confused him for his brother.

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The song went on for a little wile longer before the radio went to a different song, What the hell. Now Canada had heard this song before, but he never thought about it too much.

Again he listened to the song and once it ended and went to an advertisement he went on humming the beat. Sometimes he wished he could be that bold, but he didn't think he could work up the nerve.

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Soon he arrived at the meeting hall, the song still drumming in his head. There was a long hallway he still had to go down in order to get to the meeting, so it was very odd that any countries would be out here.

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Anyways, we should probably get to the meeting room. Sigh, he really needed to fix that. He can be going around invisible now can he?

Again he remembered the two songs.

hetalia snapped america fanfiction

Maybe he should make other notice him? He continued walking until he reached the last door on the right. Man that was a long hallway! Why did Alfred have such huge buildings anyways?

He thought to himself as he entered the large room and took his seat. The meeting hadn't even started yet and the chaos was already on the rise. This would be a very long meeting. Eventually Germany got every to quiet down enough for the meeting to start. It was yet another boring topic were no one asked his opinion. Finally, Russia came in, dragging a shacking China… "Oh look, there's two empty seats right next to each other! Bringing out his hockey stick, he started attacking every one who got in his way, any one who had ever called him America or forgot who he was!

Not even Kumajiro was safe form his attack. He tasted the blood on his weapon; oh it was so sweet, he wanted more. Slowly he let out a bubble laugh, ah this was so much fun. It was a blood bath, by the time Canada had calmed down enough to not to kill on sight, Russia stood up.

I never thought it was in you. Come now, let me treat you to some vodka. Who knew America had left so many nuclear missiles at his brother's house? Story Story Writer Forum Community.The usual start of the Axis Powers' training session. Germany worked hard to whip the two countries- the loud and always cheerful Italy and the quiet, polite Japan- into shape to go against the Allies.

And although it was five against three, the threesome of the Axis believed they would triumph over their enemies despite the advantage. Well…Italy would be confident until an Allied Power would look at him, and then he'd raise his famous little flag to surrender to them. But that's Italy. Ve must attempt at an attack on our enemies. White flag!

Please don't-a hurt me, Germany! I promise to-a be quiet! Germany sighed in exasperation. He made him crazy sometimes; it was surprising he hadn't dumped him on the side of the road yet.

Do tell, Japan! I want to hear you plan! Then we can bring down Britain and the others. The blond-haired man was silent for a while, thinking about this decision. The other, however, was smiling bigger than ever…and chatting as usual.

We should-a have thought about this before! A few days ago, Japan is seen sitting in a peaceful garden drinking some tea he made himself. He doesn't see the nation sneak up behind him with stealth equal to a ninja as he took another sip. America then took a giant branch he had picked up and hit the gentle cut out of Japan's pale hands.

He gasped quietly in surprise as the nation who had once followed Britain laughed in his obnoxious, loud way. You should have seen the look on your face when I knocked that prissy little cup out of your hands! Japan was in shock. He liked that tea. Why did America always have to be obnoxious? All he had done was bother France a few times.

The US refused to sell oil and scrap metal to the island due to this act. When the two met, neither side could compromise. So Japan decided to launch an attack on America.